"Best Practices" is defined as a way to perform a task with the least amount of work while providing the best results. Beam Tree Solutions goal is to educate and empower Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Companies. Beam Tree Solutions offers methods, processes, techniques, and other useful tips for you and your company that help you utilize resources more efficient and effectively. Thus in turn increasing your bottom line and helping you be successful.

With the United States in the worst recession, since the Great Depression, it's vital that every company and professional work in the most efficient and effective manner to meet corporate goals and be successful. This guide was developed for young high-tech companies; however the concepts can benefit many across other domains. Beam Tree Solution "Best Practices" a guideline for work excellence covers many core competencies. Many of you may have come across some of these concepts in your career. Beam Tree Solution goal is to be the one top source that identifies all concepts that will give you that extra edge over your competitor. The first 3 chapters cover basic core competencies that everyone in the workforce should know.

  • Character
  • Business Folklore
  • Office Skills
Chapter 1 starts your Best Practices education discussing your most important competency Character. Character is the single word that describes a person's core values such as integrity, trustworthiness, dignity, ethics, and behavior. Your character has a substantial influence in your ability to be effective and productive with peers and staff. If you exhibit positive characteristics people are more willing to help you reach your goals. However exercising negative characteristics can have serious consequences. In the worst case scenario employees have sabotaged their own work to retaliate against bad management. Chapter 1 highlights core characteristics of a Best Practices professional;
  • Proactive work ethic
  • Learn, learn, learn
  • Positive management skills
  • Negative management skills
  • Excellent observer
  • NO and I don't know
Chapter 1 discusses Character details listed above. For example as a manager people will naturally come to you from time to time for approval, or to get your opinion on an issue, or help on a complex issue. It goes a long way towards gaining respect when you can calmly help staff solve problems. Plus if you can encourage personnel to solve problems on their own the benefit is multiplied. Not only do you have a better employee who has confidence.  They can now solve issues on their own and become a more valuable asset. They feel much better knowing they can do more and are eager to help the leader who helped them. It's really a big gain in the long run, especially for your time, which you will find you never have enough.
Chapter 2 continues your Best Practices education with Business Folklore.  If you're going to spend the rest of your life working, you should take a little time to understand useful business basics that may help your career.  Learn about subjects areas covering;
  • How's and whys of company structure and evolution
  • Discuss some of the common business types
  • Discuss workforce concerns you should be aware of
  • Common business components
  • The good, bad, and ugly of stock options
Understanding the how's and whys of business increases you're breathed and adds another perspective to working in the workforce.  It also can help you make better decisions that work for you and in turn the company gets a better worker which works for them.

For example today's compensation can vary widely from company to company.  So those looking only at the salary may miss great opportunities.  Some Companies may offer substantial training stipends, while others may combine vacation and sick leave together to gain more personnel time.  Some companies may offer either on site or memberships to local gyms to keep you in shape.  My favorite perk was the last 5 years at SLAC.  SLAC had a cafeteria on site; however the first chef was less than impressive.  After hiring a new chef I found myself eating on site much more.  I had great food to eat, which saved on travel time and was a win-win for both of use.  Beam Tree Solution goal is educating people in Best Practices by learning business folklore you can make better decisions.

Chapter 3 completes your basic Best Practices education with Office Skills.  As a professional you have gone to school or been trained to preform your profession, but in most cases never educated on important office skills that make you an effective staff member. In a few hours you can learn important items I learned over the years.  Not that it took years but I seem to learn bits here and pieces there going from company to company.
  • Communication – the number one contributor to miss-communication is “assuming”.  Let’s look at the components to view the problem, we start with ASSUME and if we break it down we get an ASS out of U and ME. Anyway you learn very quickly that assuming waste resources.
  • Time Management - is an easy process to learn that can help maximize resource utilization across a company. Prioritizing tasks ensure your efforts are focused on the critical issues.
  • Organization – you would be surprised the number of hours wasted due to organizational issues.  One example is saving project information, which can grow to hundreds if not thousands of files over time.  The ability to save and retrieve information quickly is necessary to maximizing resources.
  • Documentation – is a component that is overlooked many times.  Every time an issue or subject matter worked on is not documented is the potential of re-doing all the work.  If you develop a product without building details you are in substantial risk.  Learn what minimal information should be on every document.
  • Templates are documents developed to save other people time, which is a Best Practices.
As a professional expect writing and documentation as part of your career as well as managing things.  Beam tree Solutions wants to be your sources for Office Skills knowledge helping you and your company with Work Excellence solutions.